Friday, September 10, 2010

A very Etsy Halloween...

I think that everyday Etsy has had new Halloween stuff on the front page..
It's only September.. 
but I am getting freakin excited for the holidays.. 
Here are a few show-stoppers that I have fallen in love with.. 

How cute are these little franken marie jane's 
from emandsprout's shop..  
Frankenstein Monster Mary Jane Shoes - size 8

These little candy corns are just so cheery.. 
almost too cheery for Halloween!
Amigurumi Candy Corn

OMG!  These little critters are just the absolute
most cute things ever.. 
i adore
Spooky and Creepy Cute Felted WOOLY Egg Toys SET 1 MADE TO ORDER

And if you are feeling a bit festive.. 
but don't feel like going in full costume.. 
these are some fun alternatives.. 

A bat hat.. 
BAT HAT  White

And these batty stockings.. 
I really kinda like these.. 
sexy BATS TATTOO thigh-high stockings CAFE LATTE

And if you need a last minute edible bat 
to finish off your party.. 
guess what.. 
they are right here.. 
Edible Halloween Bats - 2 dozen.

Hope that you are all getting excited for the holidays..
I am starting my halloween crafting soon,
I'm excited!


  1. Me too! Those stocking are cool! got your package doll and loved it! xoxo

  2. LOVE the baby candy corns! Here's a little story, one time we had a Halloween party when I was little, and I had a little stuffed jack o'lantern beanbag, and we had a beanbag toss game (using him). I got VERY upset because he was getting thrown around, and I grabbed him and ran to my room. I was a rather sensitive child, to say the least. These candy corns remind me of him! XX!

  3. Aww.. our sweet little memories.. I bet that little jack o'lantern knew he was loved =)