Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween Garland..

Here's a little look at my first 
Halloween project so far..
a little jack o'lantern garland.
It's a pretty easy project and can also be used to
make an ornament garland for Christmas!

I just cut strips of paper 
they all should be the same size
and the size will vary depending on how big 
you want your pumpkins to be.

After that, 
punch a hole in either side of the strips
I have a small hole punch which works
with the size of brads that I used.

And I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps.. 
You just put about 8 strips together 
and put a brad through the holes in the top
and the holes in the bottom.
When you start to fan out the strips
they will form a circle.
And then you can draw faces on them!

I strung them together on baker's twine.. 
I just wrapped the string around the brads.
Aren't they cute!

To fill in the blank space I punched out some 
scalloped paper and folded it over 
then glued it together.

And ta-da. 
a Halloween Garland.. 
fit for any fireplace or shelf.

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