Monday, January 16, 2012


When I was little I loved friendship necklaces...
I think my first one came from 
one of those quarter machines..
a big red heart.. 
zig zagged down the middle... 
and *gasp*
I shared it with a boy....

I just saw these friendship rings.. 
from June designs.. 
and what a perfect throw back 
to the oldschool friendship necklace..
I just might have to get a set.. 

Friendship knot rings - best friends sterling silver rings
(picture from June Designs)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Most Amazing Quiet Books Ever!

I have been looking at making a quiet book for my oldest son...
and I was looking around for inspiration...
when I stumbled across the most amazing 
quiet book ideas ever... 

Star Wars and Star Trek quiet books... 
this is how I should be raising my son!

From juliebell on etsy...
Star Wars inspired Quiet Book (pdf version)

Star Wars inspired Quiet Book (pdf version)

Star Trek Inspired Quiet Book (PDF instructions)

Star Trek Inspired Quiet Book (PDF instructions)

There could be nothing better!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We started the new year with new neighbors...
So I got my act together for once.. 
and made up a little treat 
to welcome them.

I decided on a bark, 
since I had left over chocolate from 
Christmas bark that I made.. 

This was a new one.. 
but it was delicious!

Cranberry Pistachio Bark.. 
Dark chocolate on bottom, 
on top white chocolate mixed with 
dried cranberries (mine were pomegranate juice infused)
and unsalted pistachios.

A little rustic looking.. but I like it!

Pretty cute all broken up.. 

And some themed wrapping..

A good start to my 2012 projects I think!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Breakfast...

I have been looking for an
easy recipe for Christmas morning...
we have a million family's houses we visit around 
and I just wanted something nice, simple, easy
to bring to my mom's house.. 
I think I found a winner.. 

Biscuit and Egg Puffs 
looks super yummy and super easy.. 
my favorite way to have any meal.. 

(pictures from Joyful Homemaking)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Christmas Gift to Myself...

I couldn't resist... 
I mean glitter twine.. 
how freaking amazing!!!

So I bought both.. 
gold and silver...
and they came today... 
so exciting!

(and they are on sale!!)

If you want to wrap your presents in glitter.. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm and Cozy...

So basically it's not hard to find things I love.. 
I love a lot.. 
and recently I have been finding my self
in great desire of
cozy's for your cup of coffee.. 
because what in the world 
screams winter better than
a coffee cozy!

Here are a few fav's:

Grey cozy

Grey Cup Cozy, Gray Mug Cozy, Coffee Cozy Sleeve, Tea Cup Cozy

A silly mustache one from
Coffee cozy coffee sleeve

A very Merry Christmas one
from Nimbu'Ru...
Winter Textures Coffee Cozy - Reversible

And a mustard one with sweet heart buttons
Coffee Cozy "Cuppa Love Cozy"

What's keeping your hands toasty this winter?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's been a while...

That's what a newborn will do to you.. 
make you a recluse...
even online.. 
'cause a sleep deprived person 
has only thoughts of sleep... 
as they clutch their coffee close.. 
but I'm on coffee high.. 
so I thought I would come out for a visit... 

I have still been blog stalking everyone else...
and there is so much fun stuff out there
as the holidays come closer.. 

I love this subway printable from eighteen25
I will definitely be printing this one out.. 
so cute.. 

I love the colors.. 
and am so excited it's Fall!