Sunday, July 11, 2010

A touch of yellow..

So.. this week 
(the last week before the party, the event of my little world right now =) )
I went to go find a fun (cheap) top 
to wear at the party.. 
I didn't come up with much.. 
since excessive shopping just wasn't in my time budget this week
and shopping with a one year old.. 
can be slightly exasperating.. 
and sometimes a bit messy.. 
especially when he is teething.. again!

Anyways.. I ended up just getting this top.. at Charlotte Russe.. 


Cute and simple.. 
and $10.. so instant love.. 
Plus it's going to be hot next weekend.. 
so I wanted something light...

I just need to think of ways to brighten it up..
it is a Circus party after all!
I am thinking Yellow..
I usually can't get away with wearing much yellow, 
skin tone or something..
But I thought yellow accessories..
Luckily, I have a lovely friend Rachel
who is offering me up one of her beautiful handmade headbands
with yellow feathers on it
(picture to follow)
But i was thinking another splash of yellow..
here are some cute finds.. 

Lemon ring

I just love this ring from Simply Riveting's Shop on Etsy.

Sunshine Chrysanthemum Ring

The name says it all.. Sunshine Chrysanthemum Ring.. 
(and only $12 bucks!)
1920s yellow glass art deco button earrings

And I thought these earings were cute too.. 

I just wonder if there is enough time to order something..


  1. The sunshine chrysanthemum ring is just adorable! Happy accessorizing!

  2. Yellow is such a happy color. I think the color yellow is such a mood booster but unfortunately I can't get away with wearing yellow. boohoo.