Friday, July 9, 2010

A Year in Photos..

I am trying to be clever.. 
and it might just be because it's summertime
But.. it's not really working.. this whole clever thing.. 
I am trying to think of a cute way to display photos of my babe at his party.. 
Since he will be a year.. I wanted to do a year in photos.. 

I found this cute idea.. on Save the Date for Cupcakes.
I already have cupcake toppers.. 
So.. I am here.. begging for ideas.. =)

and I just purchased paper straws for the party.. 
From Lavender's Blue shop on etsy.. 
I just can't wait till they get here.. 

50 Red Striped Straws

50 Red Striped Straws
(Pictures: Lavender's Blue)

I plan to stick these in some delicious lemonade.. 


  1. You could also make mobiles! I love mobiles! Or string photos on ribbon from one room to another. You could print a bunch of them at target, stick some velcro or doublesided tape to the back and make each guest where his pic.

    You could also hook a computer up to the big tv and play the photos on a slide show, just turn off the screen saver.

  2. Oh! I love those cupcakes and stripey straws!
    My friend recently strung up some photos, using colorful paper backing for the photos (as a frame) and then just punching holes and sliding ribbon between each to chain them all together. It looks kind of like a streamer of photos.