Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello blog, 
How have you been?
I have been busy.. 
birthday party.. kid turning one.. 
writing lesson plans.. driving hours and hours.. 
but here I am.. 
Excited to share pictures of my little circus party.. 

In my head.. 
I dream that I am Amy Atlas.. 
planning gorgeous parties.. with beautiful desert tables.. 
In reality.. it is 'slightly' more disorganized..
a 'bit' more tame and ordinary.. 
but.. it was still a lot of fun.. 
and it being the hottest day of the summer so far.. 
the snowcones were the best idea ever.. 
thanks me.
So if nothing else.. 
snowcones were a hit.. 
now what to do with two gallons worth of snowcone syrup
and the machine back at the rental store.. 
(the ants come marching two by two.. oh no oh no)

Don't you just love my 70's kitchen.. 
at least the circus decorations add some color

Fun silverware..

Candy bar.. 
still wrapped!

Birthday cake.. yummm..

The guest of honor..

We made a little photo booth.. 
just hung some fabric from our patio.. 
This is me and my sis..

Me and my best buddy..

and me and the babe..

Paper straws.. 
(beautiful, but.. they are paper.. that's all I'm saying)

Sweet Treats.. 
Just kept it simple..

Now.. time to relax!


  1. best bday ever! lucky baby you got there. great decor. just as good as amy atlas! if anything it was more of an adventure (um auntie rachel charred the first funnel cake) lol

  2. The party was so much fun and everything was so cute. Thank you for having my favorite candy, so thoughtful! actually just a lucky guess.
    Little Michael was such a big boy and so well behaved. We love him so much.
    Home made decorations make everything so very special compared to store bought.

    I see you got 2 blog awards, Congratulations!