Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ready for a bit of weekend..

This has been a week of extraordinary lengths... 
a sick kid.. who would only sleep if I slept on the floor with him.. 
which really isn't so bad.. 
a little cuddle after all.. 
but come on kid.. 
at least in the bed.. but no.. only on the floor.. 
and waking up every hour at that.. 
a trying work week too.. 
even with the holiday.. 
I have felt as if there is no end in sight.. 
every day I awake believing with all my heart that Friday has come alas.. 
but tomorrow this will be true.. 
and I will find some way to celebrate.. 
Maybe a 12 layer chocolate cake would suffice.. 
12 Layer Chocolate Cake

Thank you William-Sonoma.. 
for a little light amongst the clouds..