Monday, May 31, 2010

mmm.... Strawberries..

We here in Simi Valley, California 
are pretty lucky.. 
we are right next door to some of the best strawberries
Oxnard strawberries.. 
You know those famous little berries who have their own festival..
Even though we didn't make it to the festival this year
These little berry stands are on every other street corner out here
And those little berries just sit there
Flaunting their cute little self's 
Adorned in such red's I am blushing just thinking of them...

Well, we bought some right up.. 
And we have been seeing red since..

First, and probably my favorite way to have them
was floating in a bubbling bath of sparkling spanish wine from
Trader Joe's.. 
For Five bucks it was pretty swell.. 

And of course, 
I had to try making strawberry bruschetta that Rachel 
posted this week.. 
and really umm.. amazing.. 
strawberries marinated and roasted in balsamic vinegar  
why have them any other way..

And for a Memorial Day's feast of a dessert.. 
I made a berry trifle courtesy of Ms. Martha..
another sweet success...

And finally.. 
The day ended in the perfect bliss of a 
strawberry margarita 
designed by my husband himself.. 

To all those strawberry lovers out there.. 
get busy!

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  1. Pretty yummie! btw-I got my order from your shop and love it!! So cute! I know we'll be doing business again real soon! xoxo