Saturday, May 29, 2010

My not so secret desire..

I can't stop thinking about getting about getting
a letterpress machine...
I know it sounds crazy.. 
a letterpress.. 
that giant machine.. 
so messy.. 

More Jobber Action by sesame letterpress.

But no.. now they have machines that are home friendly
user friendly
and me friendly... 
Like the one from Quickcutz..

And really they aren't too much money
it's just the idea of if I'm actually going to use it
where am I going to put it.. 
because you should see my side of our little office room
it has been buried for a few months now.. 
and slowly creeping into my husband's space
which he is very aware of.. 
(sorry husband)

Here are some images fueling my desire to go get me a machine..
from etsy shop Luckybeepress

Letterpress Birthday Card - Hedgehogs

Letterpress Coaster Set - black flowers

Letterpress Notecard Set - Owl Notes

Letterpress Flat Note and Envelope - birds and flowers

(all Images from Letterbeepress)

For now.. 
I just dream... 

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