Friday, March 12, 2010

Monster Cookies..

Or shall I say.. the most delicious wonderful cookies that you will ever eat.. and then eat some more..
So today I hung out with my friend's daughters and I wanted to think of something fun for us to do.. and since we all love to bake.. come on. what else would we do...
I found this recipe for monster cookies on food network's website..
so off we went..
Got all ingredients together.. 


Tada.. the most wonderful cookies ever!

Oh, are there empty spots on my cooling rack...
I definitely do not know how that happened!


  1. ooohh I want one!! Those look delish! will have to check out that recipe! My hubby loves M&M's!

  2. mm looks really good haha=) check out mine blog too!!

  3. They were fantastic... I had to give a bunch away so i wouldnt be too bad... thanks for visiting