Monday, March 15, 2010

Circus Party Inspiration...

So here are things I have found for inspiration for my son's circus party..
I would like to make it a vintage circus party.. but we will see how it ends up working out..

Cupcake Pinwheels.. from Cupcake Social..
Cute as a Button in Primary Pinwheels for Cupcakes (12)

Cupcake Wrappers from Bake it Pretty..
Red Stripe Cupcake Wrappers
And Paper straws..
Red & White Stripe Paper Party Straws

Stylish Mustaches.. for the photo booth..

Stylish Mustaches

A Carnival Birthday banner from Getthepartystarted..

Carnival HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNER to Match Any Party Theme

Ticket invites from Charmedbedginnings'

Under the Big Top
Under the Big Top

And this poster from

View Image

Hopefully these will be the start to something wonderful... and exciting..
And my son probably won't remember.. But there is one thing that I am sure of..
There will be a million pictures to prove to him just how wonderful and thought-out his first birthday was....
So if you have any wonderful circus party ideas.. don't hold out on me!


  1. I love this idea! How sweet a mom you are!! He will surely love looking back at all your efforts. Check out this link for some cute plates I saw... xoxo

  2. Thx.. Taj.. i will be buying some stuff there for sure..
    I love the pinwheels too, need more excuses for pinwheels!