Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's..

Hope that everyone's St. Patty's was spectacular.. 
mine has been excellent so far.. with the wondrous smells of cornbeef and cabbage drifting through the house.. drinks.. and chocolate covered pretzels.. What?!  chocolate covered pretzels.. tell me more..
So for treats this year my friend and I made chocolate covered pretzels.. and they turned out..
Well.. amazing... just take a look..

Some of the tools..

Mmmm.. peanut-butter and chocolate.. 
now that's beautiful..

And some cute packaging to put it 
all together...
Hope that your St. Patty's was just amazing.. 
and that no one got pinched!


  1. ugh im tired. give me some of those pretzels to eat. now! :)

  2. Thatlooksdeliciousohmygoodness.