Friday, February 26, 2010

Easter Brunch..

So I'm considering having an Easter brunch at my house this year.. and just invite everyone.. I wonder if grown ups will do an Easter egg hunt.. last year.. I got everyone to decorate Easter eggs.. and it was fun..

I remember one year for Easter my parents took us to a park.. and before we had got there they had hidden Easter eggs and prizes all around the park.. and they had found this hole.. and they placed traces of the the Easter bunny around the hole... it was amazing and magical.. I want magic for my son for every holiday..

So in case I do have this Easter brunch.. I have been searching for Tablescapes to make the day festive.. and I have found plenty of inspiration..

Save the Date for Cupcakes.. had such beautiful ideas. and so colorful..

I just love the cupcake in the egg holder.. what a cute idea..

Of course.. i always turn to Ms. Martha for some ideas..

I love the vintage butterflies.. could put them anywhere..

Almost makes me think of St. Patty's day.. but so springy

I think this is closest to what I will actually do.. hmm..
could even put the butterflies in this .. on little wire.. so
they float above it..

Cute idea for favors.. so precious..

And this is way out of my league.. but pretty nonetheless...

Now I will have to start planning the menu..
I'm sure it will be potluck style.. but I would like to make a few fun things myself..
Getting hungry just thinking of the possibilities..

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  1. love the idea of an easter brunch. pure class. however i suggest that you keep the bunnies to a minimum because, well, i think renditions of bunnies are creepy and may be the root of all evil. i think i read somewhere that hitler had an unnatural love of bunnies. thats all im saying.