Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting an Alice makeover..

So I'm very excited for the new Alice in Wonderland to come out.. I'm always excited for anything Alice..
I went looking for things that were Alice inspired that would be perfect for any home.. or just mine..
thank you Anthropologie ..

A Desk clock almost equal to the White Rabbit's..

A Lamp fit for a fancy tea party.. where it is everyone's unbirthday.. 
A looking glass towel..

In Lieu of a drink me tag.. a labeled doorknob

A key fit for a door large or small...

Who needs a pocket-watch when this is so much more beautiful..

And I'm not sure why but these just jumped out at me for an Alice theme..
maybe it's the color of the glass on the end.. matching the color of Alice's dress..

March can't get here fast enough..


  1. I hope your next child will be a girl, you will really have fun with an Alice in Wonderland room theme. I suppose you could put cheshire cats all over baby Mikie's room but I don't think any of this other stuff would work so well.

  2. Love this! Gets me in the mood to go watch Alice in Wonderland real soon!! Great Blog ;)

  3. Lovely picks love the whimsy girlie alice look!!