Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY Mini Album...

So.. I have been thinking of different ways to make some cute mini albums.. Mainly just to show off pictures of my baby boy.. because.. he's freakin' cute.. lol.. 

For this project I used:
  *Big Kick machine
  *Die cut of a frame
  *File Folders
  *Patterned Paper
  *Hole Punch
  *Eyelet Punch
  *Divine Twine

First, I used the die cut machine to cut out the file folder..
This is the base for the album.. 

Then I cut out the paper that I wanted to use to cover the file 
folder cut outs with.. 

I glued the paper onto the file folder on both sides.. 
On one side.. I glued divine twine underneath the paper
straight through the middle.. 
This string will be used to secure the middle piece 
to the rest of the album..

I took the square that was cut out from the die cut.. 
I glued the patterned paper on one side of the square.. 
and then put it back in the center .. 
On the other side I glued the square onto the twine and then 
added the other square of patterned paper ..
After the page dried I cut off the extra string..  

When all the pages were assembled I punched holes on the side.. 
and punched eyelets through the holes.. 
The eyelets worked perfectly for the notebook rings to go through..

And then i just tied some ribbon to the notebook rings..

These are a few others that I made..

Sounds like alot of work.. but once you have your stuff together.. it went quite smoothly.. I made two in one night.. only took about two hours.. so cute!  
Now just to add the pictures.. 

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