Saturday, January 23, 2010


The title of one of my favorite songs.. and the inspiration for etsy's frontpage today.. I just fell in love with some of these yellow items.. even though I have had colors like pink and red on the brain for Valentine's Day..

This elegant Pom...
Caramel... 1 pom

This hair clip.. you're never too old to have flowers in your hair!

Fascinator - dark mustard, hair clip, flower, hair piece

This bag is super cute.. I love bags that can double as diaper bags too..
The bigger and cuter the better!

Jessica Another Delightfully Pleated Purse--Golden Mustard Cotton Fabric

This vase would bring some much needed color
into my living room..
Just got to buy the table to put it on..
Decorating can be a slow process
when you are limited on money..

Botanica Vase

This funky little creature..
Decorative Plush Orange and Yellow Retro Flowers Quail

Hope you have a colorful day!

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