Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Wrappings...

So this year.. I tried my best to do some fun wrapping
and I think that it turned out rather nice..
I found postal wrap at the dollar store.. amazing.. should've bought a million rolls..
I will be back for more.. it's the perfect foundation for anything you want to do...
ribbons, stamps..
To make the stars.. i die cut some tissue paper I got from

All together to make a cute basket..

Luckily.. I have the hook up at Trader Joe's ;)
and I got all these empty coffee cans..
I just tore off the label.. and another fresh start..
and an interesting way to package gift cards,
so that they don't look like gift cards..

At the top.. I used a hole punch to tie either ribbon
or baker's twine through to attach the tag.

I love baker's twine..

I used a die cut to make the trees
and then sprinkled some of Ms. Martha's
Snow Glitter on them..
so fun!

Hope everyone enjoys their gift as much as I enjoyed wrapping them!

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