Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm and Cozy...

So basically it's not hard to find things I love.. 
I love a lot.. 
and recently I have been finding my self
in great desire of
cozy's for your cup of coffee.. 
because what in the world 
screams winter better than
a coffee cozy!

Here are a few fav's:

Grey cozy

Grey Cup Cozy, Gray Mug Cozy, Coffee Cozy Sleeve, Tea Cup Cozy

A silly mustache one from
Coffee cozy coffee sleeve

A very Merry Christmas one
from Nimbu'Ru...
Winter Textures Coffee Cozy - Reversible

And a mustard one with sweet heart buttons
Coffee Cozy "Cuppa Love Cozy"

What's keeping your hands toasty this winter?

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