Friday, June 3, 2011

Nursery Decor...

So the first time around.. 
when we were doing our nursery... 
we were filling it will just the necessities.. 
and not too much fun decor.. 
it was stressful enough to just figure out 
what this new baby would need.. 

but now 
we are on to baby two.. 
another boy, 
so we have all the essentials and more.. 

this time I am getting into some decor.. 
I'm so excited.. 
we (I) decided on a beachy theme..
for their shared room..  

Of course I went right to Etsy.. 
and discovered The Shabby Chic Cottage.. 
I ordered beadboard stars
and the ever magical starfish wands.. 
I love the stuff.. 
and she even let me custom order the beadboard stars
for a beachy color vibe... 

I put corks into the vase instead of sand.. 
for now.. 
two little boys.. 
well, you know.. 

Can't wait to get the rest of the stuff together... 
and share the details.. 


  1. Congrats on number 2!! That's exciting! Sounds like a great theme for the room! xo