Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pom Pom Inspiration...

A few weekends ago 
Poppytalk featured a weekend project..

and I might have run out that same day 
to pick up supplies.. 
I just had to try it.. 
and although mine might be
a "tiny" bit less glorious than the ones featured...
It was a fun project...
I plan to use mine at my little craft booth
(how exciting!)

*p.s. pom pom makers make it so easy.. 
found these at joann's.. 

Happy crafting!


  1. cute! How are you liking My Life in France so far?

  2. Thanks! I really like it.. for some reason its taking me forever to read it though...lol.. prob cause I have been kinda busy.. but it makes me want to eat fancy, buttery french food all the time! I told Rachel to bring me back french butter from Paris... =)