Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Light Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup...

I am a food network junkie..
I do not partake in those Jersey shore kids' craziness..
or roses from the bachelor..
but if there is a food competition on.. 
I am there..
(chopped.. you are my love!)

So as any loyal follower should do..
I started getting the food network magazine..

This last edition revamped 
some dishes to be a little bit lighter...
and I just loved this one... 

So easy.. 
especially with a little tweaking.. 

All I changed was that I didn't bother
tying up the parsley stems.. 
with the thyme.. 

(because I forgot to buy thyme!
and all my string is colored.. 
anyone see Bridget Jones?!?)

so I just threw in some parsley..
and I didn't have a turkey leg.. 
I am a little weird about meat on bones.. 
strange I know.. 
so I just cut up about 5 pieces of turkey bacon
and let it cook with the soup.. 

and it was delish.. 
I also cooked some turkey bacon to put on top, 
and added a little bit of cheddar cheese.. 
so yummy!

And it's pretty close to 400 calories.. 
so that keeps the new year resolution demons far away!

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