Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chic Diaper Bags....

So we are in the toddler stage at our house...
and I don't really need that giant
diaper bag anymore...
I am excited to get something smaller.. 
and something new for me!

I have been looking around
and I found this shop on Etsy..
Just love them.. 
They are just regular bags...
not necessarily for diapers.. 
but they are so cute... 
now to make up my mind.. 
here are a few of my favs.. 

LA TOTE SERGE.Ready for shipping

LA POSTE  French messenger

Water-resistant tent canvas lining THE STOCKHOLM YELLOW and white - 8 POCKETS

AMY  Harris Tweed Herringbone  Wool Black and White . French Shoulder Bag

There are just so many..
it's hard to choose!

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