Thursday, December 23, 2010

So my mind is officially
in Christmasland.. 
where time doesn't exist.. 
and I can't stop drinking coffee.. 

We are visiting Santa at the mall today.. 
I have always been slightly leery of 
people dressed up in costumes.. 
Don't even get me started on Halloween.. 
all I'm gonna say is that I 
accidently punched a clown
at Knot's Scary Farm.. 
and I am never going back!

But I think Santa will be much more.. 
and slightly less punch worthy.. 

So here are my last set 
of free printable finds 
for your Xmas presents.. 
enjoy, print, and be merry!

The most cutest reindeer of all.. 
(image from Eat Drink Chic)

FREE printable gift tags
(image from Blush Printables)

So many more free fun stuff.. 

Look here for vintage santas..
Here for Holly Jolly Tags.. 
And here for lovely tree tags... 

Have a blessed holiday!

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