Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspired Wrappings Part 3....

It's getting closer.. 
I can smell Christmas everywhere..
and somewhere the chipmunks are singing
I just know it!

So here are some more wrapping inspirations.. 
because I know.. 
there are still, somewhere
 gifts left to be wrapped.. 
especially in my house..

I love these pillow boxes from armelle..
they are classically festive..
and they would look great
with the jewelry she sells in it..
I definitely have a few of her necklaces
on my Christmas List..
like this one and this one.. 
(image from armelle)

I love this anthropologie wrapping.. 
Which I saw over on Oh Joy!
I did see it in the store too.
But I didn't even check the price.. 
 I will be looking for it after Christmas.. 
fingers crossed there will be some on sale. 

Happy Wrappings!

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