Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY Christmas Vases..

I have completed one of the ideas
that I was inspired to do after 
reading BHG.. 
So exciting..

In the magazine..
they showed a frosted vase that was
made by spray painting the inside of the vase
I couldn't find the frost spray paint..
but I found this brushed metallic spray.. 
and I was quite pleased actually.. 

The spray was the most expensive part actually.. 
I think that it was eight bucks.. 
but I used a coupon.. 
so it was a bit less.. 
and the vases were from the Dollar Tree.. 
left over from our last party.. 

 Pretty nice I thought.. 
and it really only took about five minutes.. 
and then dry time.. 

So I did three more!

It took a while to figure it out just right.. 
so there were a few runny spots.. 
but you just turn those sides to the back!

And ta-da.. 
here's some of my DIY Christmas Decor..
I got carried away and spray painted some branches too!
Turned out to be a fun little Christmas Branch Tree.. 
Dangling with sparkly ornaments 
from the dollar section of Target.. 
not too shabby!

Happy Crafting!

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