Friday, October 8, 2010

Wall Decals...

 I have been thinking alot about wall decals..
like them or not.. 
I think that I have decided that I do.. 
They just seem so fun.. 
I wonder though.. 
if they only work in beautiful,
uncluttery homes.. 
which mine is not.. 
toys everywhere.. 
bookshelves overflowing.. 

Here are a few that make me smile.. 
Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art - Heading South

Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art - Just hanging out

Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art - Tree Branch

Vinyl wall art decals - Blowing Cherry Branch Decal - ON SALE

I love, love, love this one.. 
especially with the little flower boxes.. 
Parisian windows Wall Decal Sticker

Bicycle Wall Decal Sticker


  1. I love them too, I saw that they carry them at target now! xo

  2. Let me know if you do them, I'm curious how they would come out! I was going to do one on my headboard but decided against it for now...