Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Creepy Chocolate...

So one of my first Halloween projects 
so far..
has been chocolate molds on pretzel sticks.. 
I had never done it before.. 
but for the first time it went pretty well.

Before we placed the pretzels into the mold
we dipped them in wilten's peanut butter melts..
which are just a tad sweeter than regular peanut butter
and dries much better.. 
so tasty.. 
the first person to mix peanut butter and chocolate
might just officially be my hero.. 

Witches fingers.. 

This rat was taken out of the mold 
a bit too early.. 
thus the cracks in the back.. 
but it was a good learning experience for next time.. 
if I were a little fancier.. 
I would have given the white rat red eyes.. 

I just loved the skeleton.. 
super creepy.. 

And orange fingernails.. 

Needless to say.. they were all delicious.. 
and quite cute i think.. 

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