Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween...

Happy Friday
Happy Halloween.. 
In honor of Holidays and Fall.. 
here are a few of my hearts desires.. 

(plus, I just have been window shopping 
like a crazy person and I am pretending that
I might be buying all these things.. When my sis
and I were little we would watch the home shopping 
network and we would each have a thousand
bucks and see what we would buy.. 
it was actually quite fun.. 
but I believe that it might have fueled
my adult window shopping habit!)

Today my shopping addiction is brought to you
 by the letter R for ruche.. 
if only because I could not leave their site 
for awhile.. 

I love this scarf.. 
and wish I had it like yesterday.. 
under the sun ruffle scarf

love these earrings.. 
bitten apple earrings

and these too.. 
memories of you flower hoop earrings

love these shoes.. 
but they are officially sold out.. 
miss me ruffled pumps - Click Image to Close

and last but not least.. 
I adore this purse to pieces.. 
i love the color.. 
pockets and pouches in deep teal

1 comment:

  1. Love the shoes!They are so cute why is the cute stuff always sold out! Love shopping with fake money too! Hope you have a great spooky weekend! xo