Friday, September 17, 2010

So occasionally.. 
I break from all other things 
and have an alice in wonderland post..
If I didn't restrain myself
I could slip up and make this whole blog
and alice blog..
but really.. 
I might be the only one reading that.

For as long as I can remember 
I have had a certain attraction to that story.. 
and finally the world has jumped on board with me.
Thanks to Disney, again.

This week I have stumbled upon
two fantastic alice themed parties..
which just are making me itch to have another alice party.
(See my baby shower here, here, and here)

The first is from Couture Parties blog.. 
I love the place card holders.. bananas! 
(I have been watching Rachel Zoe too much, 
I want to say that everything is ba-nan-as.. )

Umm.. giant cards..

This centerpiece is such a perfect idea!

The other party was a mad hatter baby shower..
I just love how playful the theme was..
even though it was still alice
it had it's ownness about it..
found at design mom..

I love the little key!

Such a pretty table..

Love the favors..

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend,
I think that I am spending my Saturday making homemade
baby food for my niece.
It will be fun though..
My sister and I in the same kitchen usually ends up
being a hot mess,
but in a good way!

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  1. ooh this looks like a fun party! I love the butterfly namecards "I die!" lol. Have a fab wknd doll! hugs