Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy Busy..

So it has been pretty busy in our little household.. 
First, we had the fun Street Fair.. 

ummm.. the annoying railroad sign belonged to the girl scouts.. 
who reminded us and passerby-ers the importance of railroad safety.. 
very important.. 
But I do just love the pom poms that hung on the sides.. 
people actually bought those from us.. 
I am going to try and make a pom pom garland for the circus party
I think.. we will see how it goes.. 

(I think I had my camera on a funny setting.. oh well.. )

And now our etsy store is up and running.. hooray!!!
Go visit.. 
Currently.. i am student teaching.. so far from my house.. 
waking up at an ungodly hour.. 
when there is a four in the beginning number of the time.. 
it is not good!


  1. oh yay! I love these pics! Your booth is too cute! I am going to your shop first thing tomm as I am off for a meeting tonight. Can't wait, everything looks soo presh! Great job on the albums girl! xoxo