Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Snapshots...

So here are some snapshots to show my Easter weekend..
 some DIY chocolate dipped rice-Krispie eggs..
Umm, can you say delicious.. 
I found the idea on the Rice Krispie Website..
And the idea to form them in the eggs from lovely Better Homes... 
They turned out pretty cute I think.. 

Some strawberries from the local farmer's market..
Delicious.. and of course, 
got to dip those in chocolate too!

Some beautiful flowers from the farmer's market.. 
Can not take any credit here.. 
but they were very pretty.

And some silly chick cookies.. 
I think that the chicks might look a bit sad.. 
But they sure tasted good..

And last but not least.. 
Some fun carrot silverware.. 
(Find the original idea here..)

Hope that your Easter was fun and filled with good things..
I also made my first quiche this weekend.. 
Thanks to Paula Dean!
Umm.. there's no pictures.. but it was amazing..
and there was none left by the end of the day!

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  1. hey great pix! glad to see that picnik is rocking your world.
    cant wait for our etsy shop! glad u like my new headband endeavor