Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chalkboard Paint..

My husband always asks me when he goes to the hardware store if I need anything.. usually my answer is no.. just pick me up some coffee =)  .. but the other day I said yes.. and he was genuinely surprised.. 
Now I got me some chalkboard paint.. and there are so many possibilities.. well only so many that my husband will also approve of.. 
So here are some ideas I have found... 

This one was on Design*Sponge.. 
I love this one... but I don't really have a spot like this where it would work.. 

Here's a few ideas that I found on, of course, Martha Stewart... 
A fun message center... 

I like this one too, but I only have the black paint.. hmmm.. 
might have to get some more colors

I think this is a fun idea... I could never get away with it though.. 

And this one I'm going to do for sure.. 
I have some plants growing in some pots already..
Just will have to transfer them.. 
Chalkboard Pots

If you have any suggestions...
please share...

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  1. I love this!
    doll, I left you a little award on my blog, please come check it out! xoxo