Monday, February 1, 2010

Sprinkled with Love....

Some Valentine's Day fun..

 A Valentine Card Wreath.. courtesy Williams Sonoma.. what a fun festive idea...

Valentine Card Wreath

Message Heart cookies.. too cute to eat.. But if they are chocolate
they don't stand a chance.. no matter how freakin' cute!

Message Heart Cookies

A seed-packet Valentine.. imagine the possiblities..

I love this idea.... Poetic Wrappings..

I love getting flowers.. even better are flowers that will last..
Unless you forget to water them and they die..
and for that I am sorry flowers..

And this is even better.. if you have heart shaped plants.. amazing!

Cute treat packages.. that could be sent to school with the little ones..

I love this craft.. says for kids.. but hey, aren't we all..
It's made with crayons..

Alright thats all for now.... hope your love fix was satisfied..

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