Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diaper Bags...

With only a month left.. 
of being preggers.. 
and in spite of crazy baby dreams.. 
of having twin girls.. 
while expecting a single boy.. 

I am on the hunt for a cute.. 
diaper bag.. 
I want to find something big.. 
able to throw over my shoulder.. 
but with a fun flair.. 
for me.. 
since my baby doesn't care =)

Here are a few fav's.. 

The Monterey Diaper Bag Medium - In Optic Blossom and Martini with Adjustable Strap and Elastic Pockets

from ikabags...

NEW 2012 -Stripes CANVAS  Diaper bag - Shoulder Bag - Everyday Purse - Messenger -Water Proof -STOCKHOLM  Navy and Ecru  Pleated/ 8 Pockets

Love this one too.. 

Diaper bag - Shoulder Bag - Messenger -Travel bag SAIL TOTE -Water resistant -STOCKHOLM Ticking Navy and Ecru  Stripes -8 Pockets

Last but not least.. 
got to love a giant bow.. 

Striped Bow Purse w/ Double Handles --Ready to  ship

I better choose soon.. 
Time is running out!

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