Thursday, July 14, 2011

I thought of the perfect idea for my favor boxes.. 
it hit me while I was driving.. 
like a stroke of genius!
Lately I have been seeing Cake Batter Bark around 
the blogs.. 
so festive.. and chocolate.. 
so tasty.. 
I used this recipe here... 
only I used milk chocolate instead of dark.. 
because I am the only dark chocolate lover I know :(

and it went off pretty easy.. 

First layer.. 

Mixing the cake mix in the chocolate..

Sprinkled and cute.. 

Ready for my boxes.. 

The perfect treat for kids and grown ups alike.. 
(I might have snacked on a few pieces :)


  1. how delightful!! They look so cute too! xo

  2. Thanks.. they were pretty cute.. I would make them just for their cuteness!