Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chalkboard Spray Paint...

With the increasing amount of wonderful
chalkboard DIY's...
I have a feeling that Chalkboard Spray paint is in my near future.. 
I must confess that I still haven't used my can
of chalkboard paint yet.. 
I am so indecisive as what to use it on!

Here is a lovely idea I found on 
It would be so cute for table numbers
at a wedding.. 
I love it!

(pictures from MaryJanes and Galoshes)


  1. What a cute idea girl!! Get that paint can out! ;) xo

  2. i have been seeing sooo many creative ideas with this stuff. my fave so far is i just saw a dresser painted with it, then they used chalk to write "socks, shirts" etc on the different drawers. AGH so want to do now. thanks for the card friend! you are awesome. keep sending ideas to me :) i love it.