Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter for Kids...

As my son is getting a little older...
I am getting much too excited for all the fun 
little crafts that we can do... 
Easter crafts are especially fun.. 
Dying eggs.. 
come on.. 
everyone wants to dye eggs.. 
I have been looking up some fun things.. 
and I thought I would share some that we might do.. 

who would have thought.. 


Seems easy and fun.. 

I love Handprint crafts..
a great way to capture their tiny little hands.. 
These Handprint Lilies are so cute!

Handprint Lilies

I have never done this but I always thought they were so cute.. 
Yarn Eggs

I just love these little bunnies!
So much better than sock monkeys.. 
Sock Hop

I found these crafts.. 
Go look for more Ideas!

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  1. I love the bunnies and the eggs super cute! I am obsessed with bunnies this year! xo