Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Plans....

I love Easter.. 
it's so fun.. 
so many colors.. 
so many different springy decorations.. 
fun food.. 
umm.. glazed carrots... amazing.. 
deviled eggs.. 
need I say more.. 

Every year I like to think of new
or new crafts.. 
and Martha is just the perfect resource... 

Here are a few of my inspirations.. 

Candy Nests

I adore this little bowl.. 
I think it would be easy and cheap to make...
a dollar store bowl.. 
and some fun string/yarn!

This is, I think my favorite idea.. 
Doily Basket

I need to find some cheap cloth doily's ... 

And these little Daffodil Candy cups.. 
would be so adorable around the table in different colors.. 
Daffodil Candy Cups

the more I think about this one.. 
the more I want to do it.. 
it's so cheap and easy.. 

Happy Spring!

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