Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Years...

So today my husband is turning the big

I have been teasing him that he 
is getting so old...
but in reality it's me a little frightened 
of getting older...

The other day someone asked my age.. 
and I said aloud 26...
in my head all I could hear was.. 
'4 years till 30'...
and for some reason 
it was a little daunting.. 

But today we are celebrating!!!

My plans are to make.. 
chocolate cupcakes 
with peanut butter frosting.. 
I only plan to make the frosting homemade though.. 
baking the cake from a box.. 
because that is how I roll.. 
I expect it will be super yummy.. 

I am going to use 
and hopefully they will turn out like these.. 
wish me luck!

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