Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, hello there 2011...

Welcome New Year, 
I plan to fill you with many new projects, 
flour and sugar, 
gifts for friends and family, 
and much more goodness.

A pleasant way to start.. 
would be with the champagne cake truffles 
which I made for our little family New Year's.. 

I used the recipe for the champagne cake and frosting
which I posted here.. 
They were super yummy.. 
especially when dipped in Ghirardelli's white chocolate
and sprinkled with edible gold glitter stars! 

The cake turned out so perfectly tasty...
it was almost too sad to crumble it..
in fact I would make this cake for any occasion
it was so good!

Hope your New Year started with some 
bubbly goodness!


  1. Happy New Year!!! These look amazing!!!! Where did you find those gold stars?

  2. oh thx! I got them from my sister-in-law for xmas... I think that she got them Michael's. Our's didn't have them so you can also get them on the wilton website.. She also got me the pink hearts... I can't wait to use them!