Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here come the hearts...

I always get a jump-start on the next holiday
as soon as the the last one has finished.. 
It makes me a little burnt out on 
the holiday by the end.. 
but it's soooo hard not too... 
there is just so much fun stuff to do 
and to plan for.. 

when you start the holiday late.. 
all the good stuff at the stores are gone.. 
Especially out of the target dollar bins.. 
which are my one-true-loves!

So on to Valentine's Day!

My plan for this year is to make.. 
conversation heart pops
from bakerella..
I'm so excited.. 
I have the heart molds, 
the pen to write on chocolate.. 
I'm almost ready!

heart cake pops bakerella!
(image from bakerella)

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