Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

I hope that everyone 
is off to wonderful and fun 

And in case you
are just attending and not hosting.. 
(Which would be me and not me at the same time.. 
We are hosting brunch..
and going to the in-laws for dinner..
and then another dinner on Sunday.. 
My goodness.. )

I found a few hostess gifts that 
look just delightful.. 
of course,
courtesy of Martha Stewart.. 

I have been meaning to make some 
vanilla sugar for myself
But I haven't gotten around to it yet.. 
These just look so cute.. 
with a little ribbon around them.. 
and a fun tag.. 
Scented Sugars

I thought this was super cute.. 
A breakfast basket for the family 
preparing dinner.. 
They are probably running around 
like crazy people.. 
and a little scone never did anyone harm!
I would complete it with a side 
of starbucks though!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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