Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairy Doors

I saw these a while back.. 
I thought.. 
what a genius idea..
I have to have one.. 
I wish I had one as a child.. 

Fairy doors.. 
specifically Tooth Fairy doors..
My son is barely getting his teeth 
so I still have some time
But I can't wait to 
enter the world of magic and make-believe 
with him!

They go right by the bed
to give the tooth fairy close access
to the little teeth... 
Fairy door
Found on My Life My Love.. 

Here are some Etsy stores that sell these 
fab doors.. 
I can't decide which one to choose!

Beach Fairy Door

Fairy/Pixie/Elf Door
Classic Red Door for the Wee Folk

Nothin But Wood
(these are mainly for fairy gardens but would work i think)

A Gnome door / Fairy door that OPENS. 9.5 inch.

Faerie Doors, Fairy Doors, Gnome doors, Elf Doors, Hobbit Doors 12 inch with Welcome sign

So exciting!

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