Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat drink Chic

I have had some trouble lately keeping up with my personal blog readings.. 
But since my life has been a tiny bit slower lately..
I have been just pouring myself 
into every page that I have been away from for so long.. 
I did a revisit to Eat drink Chic.. 
I just forgot how much I love this blog.. 
I have been repeatedly inspired by her posts.. 
and here are a few things that I just loved from her.. 

She featured this adorable cups.. 
that I just can't wait to purchase for my nieces party.. 
Blomst Paper Cups

Can't you just see these filled with lemonade.. 
maybe some pink and yellow paper straws.. 
I am getting a little excited!

I even got an idea of what to give my niece/sister.. 
because it is just too cute.. 
Boo Cushion
A pillow from Belle & Boo.. 

And finally.. 

She even gives a free download of them.. 
Ummm.. how freakin' exciting!

Sorry about the obsession with my little party coming up.. 
but I can think of nothing else.. 
There will be a new obsession soon enough.. 

Hope that you enjoyed Eat drink Chic
as much as I do!

1 comment:

  1. I am off to check her out, those little cups look like Liberty of London! I know how it is, difficult to keep up with everyone's blogs! XO!