Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lemonade and Sunshine

So now that my baby's party is all over with
I am searching for my new project 
My sister's baby is turning one in November.. 
so I have been asking
(or nagging and being ever so pushy)
too find out what theme my sister would like 
I have my ideas..
Here is my favorite

I saw this beautiful party with the them
and I just can't shake it..
instant love.. 

There is just nothing unlovable about this party.. 
I adore it.. 


  1. what a cute party. I am in love with pink and green and pink and yellow. Those combinations ar just soooo cute together

  2. Hi there...thank you so much for sharing the "Lemonade & Sunshine" party I recently did. I'm so glad you loved it and are being inspired to help put together a 1st birthday party for your little niece. If you choose this theme please share party pictures - I'd love to see them!! Have a great Monday!!