Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Get S'mored....

What says summer in one simple bite.. 
Well, in my book that would be a s'more
There is not always a campfire near by.. 
But still this taste can be captured.. 
and on a stick no less..  
Here we go..

My ingenious contraption
to hold the marshmallow sticks up right
to let the chocolate dry.. 
I was quite proud of myself for thinking of this.. 
(just a drying rack on some cups)

Melting some chocolate.. 

Marshmallows all stuck up.. 

Dip it in some chocolate.. 
Let it drip a bit.. 
and then sprinkle with gram cracker crumbs..
(word to the wise.. buy them already mashed up in your baking section)

All together now.. 

A great fun way to share some summer fun!


  1. heey those turned out soo cute! i love them. must steal idea :)

  2. wow my mouth is watering!! yummmmm

  3. Yum!!! Those smores look divine! I think I am going to have to whip up something for dessert.