Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well Hello there.. 
We are back from vacation.. 
I got sick the first night.. not fair.. 
But when we got back my husband got me some of our favorite soup.. 

It was perfect weather out in Palm Desert.. 
Perfect for swimming.. and lounging by the pool.. 
Trying to catch up on some of my magazine reading.. 

While we were there I had some amazing pasta 
with eggplant that just melted in your mouth amazingness
so I was inspired when I got home.. 
and made my first Eggplant Gratin..
Courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa.. 
So Delicious.. 

Now I'm working on the banner for my son's birthday party..
Everyone need's a birthday banner!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi doll!
    Glad you are back! Love the pics. That eggplant needs to get in my belly!! Do you still have the recipe or is it on food network? xoxo

  2. I linked it if you click on "Eggplant Gratin".. but it is on foodnetwork too.. so delicious.. even the husband loved it.. and he's just a meat and potatoes guy..