Saturday, April 10, 2010

Awww.. shucks...

Well.. my little ole blog, which often gets a bit neglected by me =),
has received two awards.. 
I must say from two very kind people.. 
My first award was way back in March
from my good friend Rachel at.. littlegirlshinyworld 
(sorry friend.. at first I had no idea what to do with it)

So I pass this insanely cute award to 
blogs that are way more accomplished than me.. 
That I would like to share with everyone:

The Gilded Bee.. Beautiful fotos.. always
Taj from Gorgeous Glam.. because she is both gorgeous and glam
les petits presents.. Wonderful Ideas... 
Save the Date for Cupackes.. beautiful parties and beautiful treats.. 

And then just the other day Taj from Gorgeous Glam 
gave me this award..

And with the acceptance of this award..
I am supposed to reveal 7 things about my self..
oh dear..

1.  I used to be a cat person.. but I have converted.. and now love dogs..
2.  I have a teething son.. which sometimes makes life more than crazy..
Tylenol for him or for me.. hmm.. both
3.  I watch hulu non stop.. I always have some sort of tv on.. I know..
it's a tiny bit crazy..
4.  I just tasted nutella for the first time last week.. I think i'm in love
5.  Sometimes I pray for red lights on the way home.. so I can finish the song I'm singing too =)
6.  I'm horrible at sports.. one time in first grade a soccer ball
hit me right in the stomach.. I'm convinced this was the breaking point
7.  I'm more than addicted to coffee... more than..

Here are Seven Beautiful Blogs to go follow:
Rachel at Little Girl, Shiny World
Sara at PartyPerfect
Janice at Scissor Variations
Sobrina at Quiet Like Horses
Taylor at Mary Janes and Galoshes
Kim at Frost Me
The Creative Place

Thank You for my sweet awards,
My day was made..


  1. woohoo blog awards!
    i really like ur new background. :)

  2. Hi doll! I love nutella too it's so wonderful on bagels!! Hope you have a great week! xoxo