Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty on a Budget..

So today I stumbled across this little webshop called Ruche.. online window shopping again... forever!
Here's some stuff I loved..
Peach blossoms necklace.. only $13.99
peach blossoms gold necklace

simple grey lace tank
polka dot baubles ribbon necklace
This adorable heart pendant... $9.99

chained to my heart pendant necklace

coral candytuft swarovski hoop earrings

Pearl Ring... $14.99
lorelei pearl ring

seagreen moondrop swarovski earrings

And my-hands-down-favorite-want-right-now is the lemon rose bird swing handmade necklace.. for only.. $30.00

lemon rose bird swing handmade necklace

Go get your shop on!

1 comment:

  1. love the store. thanks for hooking it up by online shopping all the time & spreading the love! i kid i kid, but you should also check out it reminds me of this stuff. too cute!