Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh little heart, What do you desire tonight...

Well.. all things Pretty Tape, of course...
I spend today cleaning my office and desk especially.. which was no small undertaking.. so really, I shouldn't be looking for more things to buy.. But if I was.. these are some pretty things that I would gladly allow to clutter my desk.. and keyboard.. and mouse.. anywhere they would like to reside..

These beautiful stamps...

Margaret Stamp Set - Girl,Lace,Tea,Butterfly - Vintage Style

And these too..

Margaret Stamp Set - Bird-Cage-Lace-Key Vintage Style

Wonderful, oh wonderful japanese masking tape....

Airmail Tape, Scissors, Postage Stamps - BLUE Japanese Masking Tape set of 3

I'm a sucker for things with writing on them.. strange.. but so cute!

Japanese Washi Masking Tape Set of 3 - Weekly / Days - 15mm

Print too..

Oldbook Japanese Masking Tape set of 3 - 20mm

I do love internet window shopping.. I think that I have more self-control when I am looking online..
I will create a space for you beautiful things though.. soon enough...

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